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Our Services

Custom Software Development

Modern, beautiful cloud based web application development. The most efficient way to provide custom technology for your business.

Content Marketing Services

We create a mountain of content with your team through by-weekly video sessions, which seed content for articles, social posts, short and long term videos, and more

ChatGPT Integrations

ChatGPT integrations empower businesses with versatile AI communication. Provide exceptional customer support, automate tasks, generate creative ideas, and optimize workflows.

Custom CRM Development

Your client data is more than just custom fields and a contact ID. Improve your client management with an in-house solution.


Complete iOT hardware and software execution and strategy, supporting an infinite number of devices.

Omnichannel Database Marketing

Create consistent, customer centric experiences, across every channel and device.

Project Rescue

Our team can help rescue failing projects and turn them into valuable assets.

System Support and Continuity

When you need a team to support your existing software, we've got your back.

Automated Testing Services

Our projects or third party projects - our test engineers can bring stability to your release cycle

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Clients Love Mynkis

Here's what some of our customers have to say about working with our team.

Bill & Kristi
Bill & Kristi
Tax Firm in Southern California
Client since 2015

“We've doubled the number of tax returns our team can process without having to grow our staff. Our business could not have grown without Mynkis.”

Bill & Kristi
Safety in Southern California
Client since 2019

“Mynkis rescued our project. After 5 years of struggling with an off shore team, Mynkis rebuilt and launched our SaaS platform.”

Bill & Kristi
Casino Technology in Georgia
Client since 2020

“Delivered a groundbreaking platform for the casino industry. It's so good, we now sell it to our competitors. I use Mynkis for all my projects.”

Our Team

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chris west
jason saubert
Cammie Wright
michael wright

Non Salaried Staff

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Mastering the Art of Modern Content Marketing: Engage, Attract, and Educate

Welcome to the era of modern content marketing, where businesses have the power to captivate audiences, attract clients, and empower their staff through strategic storytelling.
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Unleash Your Creativity

Unleashing your creativity is the first step towards executing a modern content marketing strategy that captivates your audience and empowers your staff. Here are some practical and specific tips to help you tap into your creative potential
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Know Your Audience Inside Out - Avoiding Mismatches in Marketing

Failing to understand your audience can lead to costly mismatches in marketing. Let's explore some real-world examples of marketing mistakes that occurred due to a lack of audience understanding.
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Embrace Divergent Thinking: Stirring Controversy while Building Extreme Loyalty

Stirring controversy and building extreme loyalty among your target audience. While it may seem counterintuitive, certain marketing channels have successfully utilized controversial approaches to engage their audience and foster strong brand loyalty.
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The City of Columbus

The City of Columbus, Ohio Partners with Mynkis to Develop Innovative Industrial Power Usage Monitoring and Reporting Platform.

The Industrial Power Usage Monitoring and Reporting Platform, developed by Mynkis in close partnership with the City of Columbus, represents a significant leap forward in energy management and sustainability efforts.

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Balancing Productivity of Your Creative Team

Businesses need to harness the creativity of their teams, particularly in industries such as software development. Companies like Mynkis, providing enterprise-level custom software solutions, depend significantly on their creative teams. However, the common misconception that longer hours and a brisk pace always translate to higher productivity could prove detrimental. Balancing productivity is key, and in this blog post, we will explore why.

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Iterative Marketing Strategy
Testing, iteration, and adaptation

By implementing a systematic approach, marketing teams can continuously refine their ad campaigns to identify the most effective ads over time.

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CCEA Clark County Nevada's Educators Association

CCEA Clark County Nevada Teacher's Union Partners with Mynkis to Develop Incident Management System.

The Clark County Educators Association (CCEA), the prominent teacher's union representing educators in Clark County, Nevada, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Mynkis, a leading software development company, to build an innovative Incident Management System. This cutting-edge system aims to streamline the process of tracking and managing complaints and observations for all staff and faculty within the association.

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