Custom Software Development

by Mynkis

Custom Software Development

Launch your project in 12 short weeks. Our process delivers features and updates every few days - don't get stuck waiting weeks or months for changes.

How is this possible?

We never offshore your work - We only hire senior developers - And developers never report to non-developers. Your feedback doesn't get lost in translation.

Crafting software that resonates with your specific business needs. With 10 years in business and successful IT projects across 30+ industries, Mynkis guarantees timely, top-quality solutions for businesses, irrespective of their size.

With our rapid iteration strategy, we require fewer meetings and less time to reach software that serves your actual needs.

Why Choose Mynkis to be your Software Agency?

Our solutions are robust enough for the largest brands in the world, and our team is so efficient that we can provide custom software solutions to nearly every business within a budget they can enjoy.

Commitment to Quality

Our unwavering dedication ensures your IT projects with Mynkis translate to clear business value. Experience seamless project management, enthusiastic teams, transparent communication, and zero unforeseen costs or risks.

You'll be hard pressed to find a more capable team to work with.

Mynkis at a Glance:

  • Hundreds of projects successfully delivered.
  • Close-knit, expert team; absolutely no makeshift teams.
  • Exclusively US-based … except for our SEO expert. He's "Canadian". Whatever that means.

Mynkis, as your seasoned tech collaborator, meticulously crafts core functionalities specific to your business operations, enriching software with distinctive features tailored to your needs.


Enterprise Resource & Process Management: Streamline business functions through one cohesive software platform.

User-Centric Software: Designed with your audience in mind to ensure the best user experience.

Supply Chain Management: Efficiently manage product movement, from production to distribution.

Financial Oversight & Accounting: Comprehensive tools for seamless financial data management and strategic decision-making.

Knowledge & Productivity: Establish a digital workspace for your employees, complete with performance assessment tools.

Business Analytics: Customizable analytics tailored to your business specifications.

IoT Processes: Bridging the physical and digital by empowering objects to relay pertinent information to your data hub.

Emergency & Security Solutions: Ensuring uninterrupted business operations and IT security during unforeseen circumstances.

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